Catholic identity

Southern Cross Care is an organisation with a Catholic heritage and a Christian ethos. Our founders were concerned for all older people, including the most vulnerable and marginalised.

We hold firm to this heritage and ethos today. This is why we have a particular focus on caring for older people  who are living with dementia and other complex needs, and why we don’t discriminate against anyone, regardless of their financial situation. We demonstrate our Catholic identity most profoundly in our determination to treat all people with dignity, integrity and respect.

Embracing diversity

We are committed to embracing diversity.  We respect all people, regardless of their cultural or religious backgrounds.

This respect for diversity has practical consequences. Chapels and reflection spaces in our aged care homes are available for people of all faith traditions. Our kitchens cater for cultural and religious food preferences and restrictions. Our Pastoral Care workers are available to accompany people, regardless of their backgrounds, to negotiate the challenges of life and ageing.