Our Founders

Southern Cross Care (Vic) was founded as Southern Cross Homes in 1969.  Our founders were the Knights of the Southern Cross, a lay Catholic Men’s organisation with a strong social welfare focus that has existed in Australia for nearly a century.

Since our founders first established the organisation, it has been providing services to older Victorians for more than 45 years, through independent living, then residential homes and later, within the community in a person’s own home.

Nationally, Southern Cross Care operates as an association of independent state-based organisations.  We cooperate nationally to share knowledge, expertise and experiences, undertake joint projects where there is common need and interest and, in doing so, improve the quality of our services and support for older people.

The 1980s: new homes

After a decade of establishment and consolidation in the 1970s, the 1980s saw the opening of major new aged care homes in Newport and Mordialloc.

We also acquired Macleod Village from the Hibernian Society.  At the time, Macleod Village was an impressive home and included 50 hostel places, 27 nursing home places and 47 independent living units.

The 1990s: rapid growth

The 1990s were a decade of growth for Southern Cross Care (Vic).  New homes that opened during this decade included our Springvale, Shepparton and Templestowe homes.

We also commenced offering government-funded Aged Care Packages during the 1990s.  Home Care Packages have since become a major component of our service offering.

As a reflection of our increasing diversity of services being offered, there was a change of name from Southern Cross Homes to Southern Cross Care Victoria.

2000 and beyond: innovations and anniversaries

Our 45th anniversary in 2014 was the culmination of a period of innovation for the organisation - now named Southern Cross Care (Vic) - including the opening of exciting new aged care homes in Keon Park and Dandenong.

With buildings, services and supports and our thinking going far beyond what is expected from aged care homes, and a small-scale approach to services and supports based around individual households, these homes point the way to the future of residential aged care.  

We aim to be a leader in this future, innovating, developing, continually changing, growing and continually challenging ourselves so that we can have influence and contribute to the improvement of the lives of older people in our communities.