Our employees make a real difference

http://staging.sccv.org.au/getattachment/Careers/Staff-Benefits/ck_2_4_r11.jpgAt Southern Cross Care (Vic), we maintain a professional, competent and happy workplace where work/life balance is important. Our employees receive the personal satisfaction of making a real difference to peoples lives.

1. A great team of people to work with

We care about clients, residents and families. Our team of people are dedicated to working together to make a real difference to the lives of others.

2. Supportive Managers

Working at Southern Cross Care (Vic) is more than just a job. Our Managers and Leaders aspire to always work towards our core values of dignity, integrity and respect.

3. Career opportunities through education, learning and development

We are an organisation that is committed to ongoing learning and development. Our Learning and Development team proactively seek opportunities to further enhance the skills of our staff and the service they provide to clients and residents.

4. Work/life balance, flexible hours, family-friendly environment

http://staging.sccv.org.au/getattachment/Careers/Staff-Benefits/ck_2_4_r68.jpgWe understand that outside of work, staff have family and life commitments. We aim to ensure that a work and life balance is achievable.

5. Tax-free salary packaging to increase take home pay, plus a range of other benefits

Being a not-for-profit organisation, we are able to offer staff a huge range of salary benefits including tax-free salary packaging.

To learn more about how our salary packaging benefits can increase your take home pay, click on our Salary Package Calculator 

6. Special paid leave for staff experiencing domestic and family violence 

For staff experiencing domestic or family violence at home, they are entitled to special paid leave to seek help.  They are provided with a possible five days in any calendar year to seek safe accommodation, to attend medical appointments, counselling or legal proceedings, or to arrange alternative care or education arrangements for their children.