Independent living units

Are you looking for a retirement village where you can enjoy life in privacy and comfort? Then come and visit Southern Cross Care’s independent living communities in Shepparton and Reservoir.

Within a friendly community environment, enjoy the independence of your own home without the hassle and responsibility of maintaining a house. Join in the many social opportunities and enjoy the beautiful garden surrounds which are fully maintained for you.

Our friendly staff are here to assist you.  You can have peace of mind knowing that someone is on call when you need them, thanks to our 24-hour emergency call system.

Co-located with aged care homes

Both communities, Shepparton and Reservoir, are located alongside Southern Cross Care’s modern, well equipped and furnished aged care homes. This means you can take advantage of the aged care home’s facilities and lifestyle opportunities whenever you choose to. Couples who need different levels of support and care have the opportunity to keep living nearby.

Find out more about our retirement villages:

Shepparton Independent Living Units

25 Graham Street, Shepparton 3630

Primary Contact: Mary Suratman

T: 03 5831 3000 F: 03 5831 3886

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St Margaret’s Community Retirement Village

Bridgeton Street, Reservoir 3073

Primary Contact: Erin Meggs

T: 03 9434 4555 F: 03 9432 2980

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