Respite services

We know how important carers are. By caring for an older person at home, you play a critical role in helping them continue to lead a fulfilling and meaningful life.
We also know that carers need to take a break from time to time. This is why respite is one of our most important services. Respite might involve a break of a few hours, an overnight stay or a longer period. It might be arranged on a regular basis or for an emergency (for example, when a carer is ill).

Respite care supports your emotional and physical needs, while making sure that your family member continues to receive the highest standard of personalised care.

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We offer a number of different options for respite care:


Macleod Cottage Respite Service

Unit 5-7, 9 Broadford Crescent, Macleod 3085

Primary Contact: Christine Vice

T: 03 9432 4350 F: 03 9432 3120

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